Bill Bertolino spent 16 years in journalism covering politics, public policy, legislation and city and state government. His most-recent stop on this journey was the Arizona Capitol Times, where he was Managing Editor and contributed heavily to its political tip sheet, The Yellow Sheet Report. Before this, Bill was a co-owner and senior political editor of the Arizona Guardian.

He brings his journalism skills, in-depth political knowledge and management expertise to the public relations field, where he formed B&B Media and has strategic partnerships with PR, media relations, messaging and marketing professionals.

Bill uses his journalism savvy to coax the most compelling information out of a story. As a writer who lived and breathed daily – or hourly – deadlines, he now uses those storytelling skills to promote his clients – whether it’s people and policies or companies and causes.

And after years of covering the underbelly of crime and politics, Bill has seen his share of crisis. He thrives in a fast-paced environment and can quickly help turn a crisis situation into a controlled setting.

Bill’s work has been published in the Arizona RepublicOrange County Register and Colorado Springs Gazette, among other publications. He was a regular contributor and guest on Channel 3’s “Politics Unplugged” and “ABC15 Mornings.” Bill has a B.A. in journalism from Arizona State University.